Kitchen Worktops

“Innovative Design, superior quality, plus a whole lot more…”

View our premium range of high quality kitchen worktops. This range combines an impressive array of design features aimed at satisfying the needs of quality-conscious customers. Topform worktops combine high quality materials and vibrant colours to create cutting edge designs.

Shaped Countertops

Design it. Live it. Love it. By combining the contemporary colours and textures of our kitchen worktops with the precision engineering and ergonomic shapes of our office furniture, we succeeded in creating a new work surface solution that single-handedly changes the face of kitchen design as we know it. TopShape is a truly unique, flexible and innovative product. These ready-to-go, pre-packaged and stylish worktop Shapes are designed to make your kitchen design dreams come true.

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Laminate Countertops

Innovative design, superior quality, plus a whole lot more. Stepping up the ladder in terms of quality you will find TopPlus. This is our premium range of laminate-based kitchen worktops. TopPlus combines impressive and innovative design features, aimed at satisfying the needs of quality-conscious customers.

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Affordable Countertops

If you need an affordable kitchen worktop, then TopContract is the answer for you. The beauty about this range of standard laminate worktops is that while it may be competitively priced it is also high in quality! TopContract is manufactured using some of the highest quality laminate and furniture-grade chipboard available in the world today. Available in 4 standard colours, TopContract will complement any kitchens decor.

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Wooden Countertops

Lasting beauty that won’t cost the earth. To create a natural, authentic look in your kitchen, choose TopWood, our solid wood worktop. Strong, stable and versatile, a TopWood worktop will mature with age and last a lifetime.

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