10% off 25mm TopShape Standard worktops ordered during the month of September.

Our 25mm TopShape range with its slimline look is proving to be a big success, with more and more customers selecting 25mm for their kitchen designs. The 25mm TopShape range has the look and feel of luxury solid surfaces such as granite, but without the price tag.

All designs and textures in this range are available with matching edging, providing you with a seamless, luxurious finish. TopShape Custom allows you to get a bespoke worktop piece made to your own design.

If you haven’t already tried out our 25mm range, why not start by putting one on a display kitchen in your showroom, why not talk to our sales staff to organise the display worktop, FreePhone on 1800 947 000 or email lynda@topform.ie or michelle@topform.ie